EvThreads Forum Rules

The Rules by dannycastillo
Forum Rules and Etiquette

Like any other online forum please remember to respect the forum and the members. Maintain forum etiquette and understand the rules of the forum laid out below. 


    1. Do not spam the forum.

    2. Please be nice to each other. This is a very diverse community with people from all different backgrounds. Remember, this forum is also viewed by young teens. Just try to behave yourself.

    3. No slurs whatsoever even in a joking manner. Swearing is permitted, just don't abuse it. No one likes that in real life anyways. A couple of words are censored but you're free to use them.

    4. No double posting unless it is in your own Talent Thread. 

    5. If you have a complaint or a question please go to the Moderators first. If you have a problem with the Moderators, you come to an Admin. 

    6. Please do not create more than one forum account to have more. If you're having account issues or just want to redo your username or something just let us know. We will understand. If you want to delete all your account posts because of sensitive information it is fine. You can ask an Admin and they will be fine with doing that.

    7. The Moderators use yellow text when they need to say something important and has to stand out. Try not to use it casually to not cause confusion.

    8. No post-whoring. This means going in all kinds of threads and posting nonsense or useless posts for the sake of increasing your post count. We can tell when that is being done. Though, if you like to post a lot we won’t be against it. It makes us extremely happy to see members happily posting on the forum. However please try to keep your posts on-topic and avoid cluttering a thread.

    9. Avoid conversations with only one other person in threads. If you want to continue conversations bring it to the Shout Box or Private Messages. If you're playing a forum game that involves many posts back and forth that is permitted. 

    10. Please do not mini-mod. Meaning calling out another member in a thread because they have broken a rule. Use the report button or PM a Moderator. 

    11. Please cite your sources for any photos and rumors of the band and it's members (past or present) you post. Any rumors without a reliable source will be removed. 

    12. Please recognize that this is an Evanescence fan forum. You’re allowed to have opinions, but being disrespectful to any of the band members, staff members, or regular members of this forum is not going to be tolerated.

    13. Impersonating another person, whether famous or not, won't be tolerated. The mods are smart enough to determine if you are pretending to be another person and so will be swift to respond. If your behavior is not appreciated you will be dealt with.

    14. Trolling won't be tolerated at all. People here will not be taken advantage of for a joke.


    The Shoutbox is not Twitter. Please try to refrain from double posting and making several small messages in a row in the Shoutbox. Moderators will edit your posts and combine them. If you want to add to a post you can press the edit button. Chatting with another member is permitted, only if you keep the conversation light. 


    Please recognize that the Evanescence Community is well aware of the Anonymous situation and accusations (brought up on August 2012) against Amy/Evanescence/their management and EvThreads.com. Please refrain from creating topics on this subject. If you come across the articles from Anonymous and have any questions, please ask an Administrator (their user name is in cyan) or a Moderator (their user names are in blue) through the Private Message function on the board. We are willing to explain the story privately to the best of our ability.


    By default ProBoards asks you to select between two genders. Male and Female. However you are not obligated to let this represent you. You can chose a gender and not let it be displayed. As a courtesy we have added an option to allow users to fill out a field that is open to whatever you wish. Do whatever is comfortable because you are not obligated at all. It can remain blank and all gender options can be hidden.


    Moderators have the privilege of seeing some information that normal members of the forum are not able to see. We respect all members’ privacy and we will not share your information with other members. This includes, age, email, location, and online status. 

    All issues that are brought up are discussed with the entire moderating staff. In most cases we will issue a warning before taking any action. We will issue an email with every ban explaining the reason behind it.

    If you wish to contest a ban please send an email to evthreadsrebornmods@gmail.com. 

    Anyone who pesters a moderator incessantly or makes several posts about another user's ban, will be temp banned. A banning is between a moderator and that user only, if the member wishes for the specifics and reasoning to be known, they will do so.

Speaking in non-English languages.

    EvThreads is a forum hosted on North American servers and was formed by primarily English speaking users. A majority of the posts written in this forum will be in the English language. We are however open to those who are unable to communicate in the English language. It must be stressed that it would be a great help to translate your own posts using a translation service available on the web. If you don't it is okay the moderators will make an effort to translate your posts. For whatever reason, if we have trouble understanding you after discussing it and we feel it may be post that is not in-line with the rules we will consider deleting. Ultimately understand that the forum's primary language is English. If you are struggling to find others of your language here unfortunately you may have to consider looking for another fan forum to join that fills your needs.

Forbidden Content 

    We understand that some of our members have had difficulty dealing with depression and other mental illnesses, but it's important that we keep talk of self-harm and suicide to a minimum. EvThreads is not the right place to seek help when dealing with serious situations like these. If you feel the need to talk to someone about your problems, please do it over private messages. Please be aware that these topics might cause others to be uncomfortable, and though we are empathic to any problem any of us might be going through, we do not condone suicide/self-harm. If you are dealing with these issues, there are resources online that can help you - EvThreads should not be your first choice. Please refer to this link if you need help: www.twloha.com/find-help/

    Posts that are considered to be disturbing or triggering to other members about self-harm/suicide will be deleted and will earn you a week long temp ban, so please don't do it. These topics are allowed for discussion, but we want to keep talk of 'urges' and threats away from the forum out of respect for our members and their comfort. If you are feeling the urge to self-harm, please refer to the link provided above. As much as we'd like to offer some kind of help, EvThreads isn't the place to seek professional counseling.

    Please do not share any exclusive content from EvClub on EvThreads. This includes lyrics, videos, interviews, band blog entries, song titles and photos.

    However if you need to refer to something by name (such as a song title) and that name is EvClub content; then for purely encyclopedic purposes it is acceptable. Please keep yourselves from discussing it (and EvClub content in general) excessively. 

    Posting fictional stories of the band members or other famous musicians that portray them in sexual relationships with other people are not allowed. We find these type of stories to be inappropriate for our forum and they simply make some members uncomfortable.

    Often times there is content that is leaked without the permission of the band or might be "too personal". This content is not allowed to be shared on EvThreads. Specifically this means.

        - Do not share personal photos not explicitly shared with the public. This includes photos found on social networking profiles belonging to friends of the band or websites of professional photographers and similar services. This may vary case by case if a friend of the band is active in connecting with the fanbase we may permit any photos shared okay to be posted. We will review each post.
        - Please do not share the song “You” and other unauthorized songs. We know that Amy is now married and probably doesn't remember or care about "You" anymore; though it was requested by Ben and Amy not to discuss the lyrics or the song. They asked fans not to download it. They asked websites that were hosting the lyrics and audio to please remove them. "You" is a private song that the 'leaker' should never have had. The 'leaker' was forbidden to show the song to others. Please respect this request.

    Please do not share any links to any unauthorized downloads of copyrighted content (music, movies, etc). Remixes are accepted. Posting YouTube videos of songs are accepted, though make sure the content/audio on the YouTube video is not leaked content. If the artists YouTube Channels uploads a video the YouTube link/video is allowed. If the artist uploads songs to their website or posts links to download/purchase the content, this is also allowed.

Adult Content 
    Adult content means, pornography, drugs, and violent images. Please remember that this community has many members under the age of 18 and even younger, so try to keep it "PG-13". Therefore this content is forbidden.

Rules are subject to change, and a lot of the time, decisions will be made depending on a mod’s judgment. Be nice to each other. We all love each other anyway.

In closing, please remember that EvThreads Reborn is not an independent organization or even professional. We're just a bunch of fans not a business. None of us are paid and this is all for our enjoyment. Our forum is hosted by ProBoards, Inc. and so we have to follow their Terms of Service. Below are links to their TOS, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines. 

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EvThreads Reborn is a fan run continuation of the former official fan forum EvThreads; which closed in 2012. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Evanescence, the members of Evanescence, including Amy Lee, Wind-Up Records, and Concord Bicycle Music.

Welcome to EvThreads Reborn and hope you enjoy the forum!