Rare/Early/Rejected Album Artwork


M. Lee: Wait... Why it's written "Team Push the Button" below my nickname? ??? Aug 17, 2014 21:42:51 GMT -6
harridan: New user categories. Aug 17, 2014 21:47:24 GMT -6
frozenlithium: Liberal Arts Aug 17, 2014 22:39:06 GMT -6
Rarkphoenix: I'll be in Berlin and Prague over the next couple of days. If anybody spots a crazy fool in an Ev t-shirt bumbling around this part of the world, it's probably me. Aug 19, 2014 14:55:33 GMT -6
rionka: : greetings from Brno! enjoy your visit and take care! Aug 19, 2014 23:20:31 GMT -6
rionka: Wow the new skin. Too bad it's so much white, i can't really use something light like that forever, but it looks very nice as a whole. Aug 19, 2014 23:21:16 GMT -6 *
rionka: ok I cannot ask :D what does "White Out" mean? something like blackout but in different color? :D or something else? (sorry if i sound dumb lol) Aug 20, 2014 1:31:37 GMT -6
harridan: dictionary definition: "an atmospheric condition consisting of loss of visibility and sense of distance and direction due to a uniform whiteness of a heavy cloud cover and snow-covered ground, which reflects almost all the light it receives" Aug 20, 2014 3:52:04 GMT -6
frozenlithium: *whines* too early for smart talk Aug 20, 2014 5:52:19 GMT -6
RapturedLight: Lol! A "white out" is basically what happens when it's so snowy and windy that you can't see well (or at all); all you see is the whiteness of snow. I'm quite familiar with such phenomena on my side of the planet. Aug 20, 2014 9:50:56 GMT -6
princeofpersia: wow! lots of changes... ETr becomes more perfect everyday! Aug 20, 2014 12:32:28 GMT -6
togetheragain: One of my favourite tracks on the Frozen soundtrack is called "Whiteout" (rofl) Aug 20, 2014 14:14:22 GMT -6
The_Sacrificed: Whoa, that white might be a bit bright for me eyes. I definitely prefer the black one. Might be my new fav theme. :D Aug 20, 2014 15:14:05 GMT -6 *
ladychaos: I agree I like the black one better too :) Aug 20, 2014 16:40:05 GMT -6
fartheraway: If there's any Evthreaders out there looking for some new music, my band Inventions has a new EP that is up for free downloady at inventionsmusic.bandcamp.com! I would love for anyone to have a listen and lemme know what you think xD Aug 20, 2014 21:47:26 GMT -6
Kazlan: I've told you this before, but I think your music is absolutely excellent and really well-polished. :) Aug 20, 2014 22:48:46 GMT -6
Drifter: I HAVE A QUESTION OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE. What do the backing vocals in Swimming Home during 'but I'll no longer understand' say? Some say it's no one's really loved me, but it doesn't make sense in the context of the song. Aug 20, 2014 23:27:57 GMT -6 *
M. Lee: Look: http://evanescencereference.info/wiki/index.php?title=Swimming_Home ;) Aug 21, 2014 6:12:57 GMT -6 *
AeternusAmatorius: Can we discuss songs in their appropriate threads, to keep this place alive, please? Thanks. Aug 21, 2014 14:26:13 GMT -6
fartheraway: @kazian Thank you, you are the raddest :) Aug 21, 2014 20:08:13 GMT -6